American Historical Association: tax exemption

4 January 2014

400 A St. SE

“Senate Unit Approves Police-Fire Pension Aid.” Washington Post, 7 May 1957, p. B1.

Report on various actions by the Senate Fiscal Affairs Subcommittee. The Subcommittee approved the following bill:


“3 Tax Relief Appeals Vigorously Opposed.” Washington Post, 11 April 1957, p. A25.


Carper, Elsie. “Teacher, Police Retiring Bills Pass Committee.” Washington Post, 15 May 1957, p. B1.

Bills approved by the Senate District Committee.


Carper, Elsie. “Teachers’ Retirement Fund Boost Is Adopted.” Washington Post, 23 May 1957, p. A19.



“Laws Pare Millions Off Tax Rolls.” Washington Post, 13 July 1957, p. B1.




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